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Over the past few years, business operations have become increasingly dependent on Information Technology (IT). In fact, IT can be used as a true enabler, by helping give a faster response, a more professional image, helping share information, etc. This is especially important during a challenging economic environment, when every opportunity should be converted to business.

At the same time Data/Information Security is also equally important for every business to grow.

Improve Your Security, Compliance and Governance With Security For O365

Microsoft Office 365 opens new opportunities to be more creative, productive, collaborative and always connected. For many companies, Office 365 is the first cloud service embraced across their organization. While adoption of Office 365 drives higher levels of innovation and competitive advantage, securing your Office 365 environment is essential to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of intellectual, customer, and personal information stored in the cloud.

Cloud by its very nature can be more secure because of the shared security model. As in the case of Office 365, it is a shared security responsibility between the customer and Microsoft. In a shared security model, the customer is responsible for assessing their security posture and putting in place security controls that can help offset the risk of being breached. Microsoft offers security services and controls to improve overall security in areas of identity & access management, threat detection & response, and data protection. The first step in determining which Microsoft security services and controls to implement is to conduct an Office 365 security assessment.

ajnaa’s Office 365 Security Assessment is a structured engagement helping customers understand their current security posture, identify gaps, and prioritize a roadmap for security controls that will reduce the risk of being breached.

ajnaa security consultants will work closely with customers to understand their security objectives. After interviews and a detailed analysis, we will provide recommendations to balance security and productivity needs. ajnaa can then work with customers to plan, prioritize and implement the strategy and road-map to close any Office 365 security gaps.