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Enumerating and correcting the issues that directly lead to a breach.


Our vulnerability assessment services cost-effectively discover one of the most critical areas of risk technical vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment is a mature, proactive approach to securing enterprise assets exposes weaknesses in systems and identifies paths vulnerable to exploitation before it is maliciously carried out. ajnaa facilitate organizations uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their people, process and technology through penetration testing. Our proven methodology provides actionable steps for better securing your systems.

Engaging with our practitioners will help your organization analyze vulnerabilities and highlight actions that help you make informed decisions to reduce risk across your business, recommend the best course of action to address them. The vulnerability assessment process is the ultimate pre-emptive weapon against web threats. By utilizing these two powerful process simultaneously, companies can keep a detailed log of the security of the network and applications.

The most effective method of keeping your system safe is to run a vulnerability test regularly, and to keep a close watch on any irregularities that come up. By doing this simple step, it is relatively simple to keep your system safe and secure.

Frequent scans help identify the unpatched operating system/3rd party application flaws and configuration errors, which allow attackers to infiltrate and own the network. Excelling where others flounder, ajnaa provides more than just raw scan data.

Our scanning is competitively priced to allow organizations of all sizes to begin to build effective vulnerability management programs.

The Impact of Cyber Crime

A Cyberattack is no longer a question of ‘if’ – it’s a matter of ‘when’. The size of an organization is immaterial in the world of cyber-criminality: vulnerability is the issue. Once a data breach happens, it often exposes sensitive information that leaves affected users at risk for identity theft and a decline in reputation and often results in regulatory compliance fines. Organizations must defend their networks, systems, applications and users against several major cybersecurity threats.


70% of breaches were                                 45% of breaches                                         86% of breaches were                                 17% of breaches involved                                                22% of breaches 
 caused by outsiders.                                   involved hacking.                                       financially motivated.                                    some form of malware.                                            featured phishing or 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          social engineering.

Determine the risks to your network environment

One of the most important steps in preventing a security breach is identifying security vulnerabilities before an attacker can leverage them. Unfortunately, your organization might lack the tools and expertise necessary to identify security vulnerabilities. Conducting regular vulnerability scanning of network devices, systems and web applications, and patching your systems is a fundamental security best practice. However, this needs to be complimented with in-depth penetration testing to gain a more holistic and accurate view of security risks. We have the expertise and experience to help you mitigate your cybersecurity risks and protect your business. Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services we will uncover vulnerabilities in your network and web applications, assess your organization's exposure to vulnerabilities, evaluate the risks to your organization and provide you with prioritized remediation recommendations to improve your security posture.



Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing are professional security services to identify, evaluate and address the security gaps in order to safeguard your assets. The process of identifying and remediating vulnerabilities can be challenging. That's why we provide both services.

The Vulnerability Assessment will allow you to discover known vulnerabilities and provide you with the information to address the issues before they become risks.


Penetration Testing takes this a step further and provides an in-depth security assessment that identifies and exploits vulnerabilities by performing simulated attacks on your critical IT network segments or applications. This delivers a more accurate and detailed picture of the security risks and potential impact to your business.

Rely On The Global Expert

Cutting through the complexity of today’s digitized world often requires a reliable and trustworthy partner that always goes the extra mile. At ajnaa, we are going above and beyond to help our customers succeed – helping you to better secure your business and protect your assets from possible threats.