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Cyber security systems and principles are designed to safeguard web applications, infrastructure from attackers seeking to disrupt, delay, alter or redirect the flow of data. These attackers vary in target, motive, levels of organization, and technical capabilities, requiring public and private organizations to adopt ever-increasing measures to prevent cyber attacks.

Amidst the technology shift from private networks (LL, VSAT, etc.) to shared networks (VPNs) the threat of the hacking, service denials, network/systems intrusions, eavesdropping of critical data, etc. has also grown.

Nevertheless, to keep the networks of our customers safe we at ajnaa design and deploy Secure Configuration Assessment services identifies vulnerabilities in the underlying configuration of your infrastructure.

we closely work with our clients to define business-driven enterprise security architecture, create sustainable solutions to provide foundational capabilities and operational discipline and maintain agility in the event of business/technology changes and protect the value of our client’s information.

we provide soultions, perimeter firewall security, WAF, DLP, IPS/ IDS, servers, VPNs, NAC, SIEM, FIM. PIM, PAM.


Access Control

Role based access control is mandatory for every organization to protect their digital assets from external and internal threats.


Application Firewall

A network or web application firewall is must to protect the applications and servers from external cyber attacks.


Transport Layer Security

Transport layer security (TLS) insures the integrity and privacy of the communication between client and the server.


Cost Premium and Easy To Deploy SIEM

Threat intelligence, intrusion detection,remote forensics, network flow analysis,enterprise security monitoring, and log management and a lot more.


Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Cyber threats are not just external or not just limited to insecure public internet. Cyber threats can be internal as well, Your very own team members can also be a cyber criminal and may cost you a lot.


File integrity monitoring

Powerful correlation and analysis engine, integrating log analysis, file integrity monitoring, Windows registry monitoring, centralized policy enforcement, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and active response.