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Our Security Maturity Assessment are based on industry-accepted standards such as, CoBIT, and legal requirements specific to the industry and country. The auditing approach is designed to cover all aspects of security including People, Processes and Technology. Our consultants are certified as CISSP, CISA, ISO 27001. More importantly, they possess possibly the widest array of technical expertise (see 'Technical Expertise').

As organizations become digital and explore growth strategies tied to embracing new technologies, their attack surface expands. By implementing many and various technical solutions, they hope to maximize their effectiveness. Often, however, organizations rely on an ad-hoc approach to security. Such an approach is likely to lead to insufficient security at high cost. Security Advisory Services is here to help you with its unique and different approach.

Reduce your organization’s “risks to attack” through a Security Maturity Assessment where we creates visibility of your exposure to people, process and technology to benchmark. As a outcome of the assessment your organization benchmark against ISO/NIST kind of standards with a road-map towards an optimized maturity level.


  • Visibility at the organization’s current security posture and prepare for the desired future maturity state.

  • Reduce exposure by aligning business practices with compliance requirements

  • Enable organization to predict and prepare against cyber threats

  • Facilitation of formal certifications to various standards including ISO 27001 and NIST Cyber Security frameworks

  • Improved security culture within the organization