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Improve Your Security, Compliance and Governance With Security For M365


Microsoft Office 365 opens new opportunities to be more creative, productive, collaborative and always connected. For many companies, Office 365 is the first cloud service embraced across their organization. While adoption of Office 365 drives higher levels of innovation and competitive advantage, securing your Office 365 environment is essential to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of intellectual, customer, and personal information stored in the cloud.

Security and compliance are top of mind for executives in all organizations. It is a continuous challenge to secure the expanding attack surface and stay ahead of motivated threat actors and ever-changing regulations. Microsoft EMS provides an effective platform to help protect against advanced threats, personal data from loss, unauthorized access, or disclosure. Additionally, EMS helps customers comply with the new standards of transparency, accountability and record keeping. ajnaa Security for Microsoft 365 helps customers accelerate and realize the full benefits of EMS.

ajnaa’s Security for M365 is a fully managed security service that protects your business, its email, users, applications and data. We leverage our security expertise to provide you a complementary, packaged deployment for Office 365, Microsoft EMS and Windows 10 – coupled with proactive threat monitoring, auditing, reporting and risk management.

ajnaa’s Security for M365 is powered by Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Microsoft EMS provides your organization with a platform to protect against advanced threats, personal data loss and unauthorized access into the environment as employees become more mobile.

ajnaa’s consultants work with each customer to plan, build and run your unique security and compliance requirements in order to secure your users and cloud solutions.

We prioritize, implement and support Microsoft EMS capabilities, including:

Office 365 Threat Intelligence & Advanced Threat Protection

    • Azure AD/Azure Advanced Threat Protection
    • Cloud Application Security
    • Windows Defender
    • Microsoft Intune